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If you are frustrated with your tax situation and feel like you do not have an advocate, I absolutely recommend that you contact Diane Pallas! Diane helped me fix a prior year's return that was done incorrectly, which led to me receiving the best IRS communication I have ever received: "decrease in tax, decrease in failure-to-file penalty, decrease in failure to pay proper estimated tax penalty, and decrease in interest! I never give recommendations, and I cannot recommend Diane to you enough, I truly do not know what I would have done without her.

Nathan L. Price

Nathan L. Price August 18, 2023

Diane Pallas has prepared our tax returns for several years. Her work was always accurate and professionally accomplished.

We will continue using her services for future tax returns.

George Sidline

March 8, 2018


I wanted to let you know that I am so grateful to you for helping me with my tax issues. As an S-Corp owner it is extremely difficult to keep up with all the tax laws. You have not only saved me a lot of money (!), but you have become a great friend and adviser.

Thank you so much, for everything

Mark Simpson
World Gate Solutions, Inc.

August 7, 2014

I have worked with Diane Pallas on my business and personal taxes for about four years now. She is a consummate professional and always gets all the details worked out. I have had my struggles with cash flow and Diane has always made it easy for me to pay her for her services. Last year, Diane spent hours on the phone waiting for the IRS agent to answer her call on my behalf. She made my case, and got the IRS to rule that my tax debt was temporarily uncollectable until my business profits improved.

Diane, thank you for going to bat for me! I highly recommend Diane Pallas for all your tax needs.

Ian Henderson
Hendersonian Design, DBA

August 7, 2014

Dear Diane,

Teddy and I appreciate your willingness to bring us on as clients. We certainly need help finding the right financial direction in our young marriage, and we are grateful for your insight and for the wonderful connections you have made for us. These days, it is rare to meet someone so kind hearted. We are really lucky to have found you! I will keep you updated as we begin to make positive changes. We look forward to working with you for years to come!

Many thanks

Teddy and Bethany Wollam

August 7, 2014

I have now had the pleasure of working with Ms. Pallas on two cases on behalf of my client. I have found her uniformly capable, professional, and with a full grasp of the needs of my clients for forensic accounting. I can enthusiastically recommend her for your consideration.

John C. Moore

Moore Law Group P.C.
4248 Galewood Street
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

August 7, 2014

The letter from the IRS announcing we were being audited struck my wife and I unexpectedly. We contacted our tax preparer we had used for a decade or so, but were not confident after speaking with her that she could represent us well. Upon speaking to a trusted attorney friend, we called Diane Pallas. From the very first meeting, we were confident we had found the right person to represent us.

I remember my wife Leslie crying on the way home from that first meeting, so relieved that we had found the help we were seeking. Over the following long months Diane Pallas worked hard building our strategy and presentation to the IRS. She knows the system very well, having served as an agent for many years, as an instructor of continuing education for agents, and now as an experienced taxpayer's representative. She served us well technically, saving us considerable expense, but also provided the emotional support we needed in order to take this intervention in stride. We would recommend her services highly.

Michael and Leslie Sears
Portland, Oregon

August 7, 2014